North London Partners in health and care

STP Newsletter - March 2018

Message from Helen Pettersen, North London Partners (STP) convenor

We have many reasons to celebrate this month, as you will see from the long list of successes and achievements below. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone across all agencies who work as part of the STP. Well done, we are making real progress and are beginning to see some of the fruits of our joint labour.

STP news: successes and achievements

Passport into Leadership

We have recruited 40 Nursing Home Managers (NHMs) across our sector to our new London Leadership Academy sponsored Capital Nurse programme - Passport into Leadership.  This programme brings together NHMs across the 5 boroughs to learn together how to work more effectively across a system as leaders, and to work with acute, Mental health and Primary care - to resolve issues and to share learning with the local Community Education Provider Networks (CEPNs). 

At a recent event, participants spoke about their experiences with clinical colleagues and shared some stories about how they can feel ‘second-class’, but they also share some inspiring   ideas about working together in better ways for our residents.  The core message is ‘nurses are dedicated to delivering safe, quality person-centred care’. 

Feedback on the event included;

"Thank you Capital nurse for your vision, today was a dream come true seeing all the care home nurses together and motivated to make change. From the nurses I spoke with they felt valued today and excited that they can be future leaders and that we all believe in them.

I left today with a massive smile and a spring in my step as I made my way back to Barnet, proud that we all worked very hard (but well worth it)  to bring all these amazing nurses together lets watch the magic begin.”

"I cannot begin to tell you what this all means. To have Islington home managers in the CN Senior Leadership Programme  and more care home senior nurses engaged in the CN Passport, in Leadership, will certainly further stir up the 'positive challenge' of the systems we are currently working with. I am really energised by this.

From the buzz of yesterday, I am anticipating NCL having a great network of social care leaders who appreciate their growing influence on health and social care and its outcomes.  I am excited further as I can see their engagement in this programme enabling them to exert this influence more clearly whilst developing others to do the same. The impact of this programme will be far reaching.”

Claire Johnstone, the Project Director for Capital Nurse, said: “Thanks to all of you. It’s been a hard road to get this programme up and running, from writing a winning bid, the London Leadership Academy, through to today, but seeing the event in action and 34 very engaged nursing managers who are delighted to take part - made it all worthwhile.”

Capital Nursing Event

Over the past 18 months, several hundred nurses have participated in our sector Career Clinic and Transfer Scheme. We are the only sector in London to have every trust (with aspirations for social care as well) hosting the scheme to improve retention and streamline employment. 

At a recent event we had inspiring ‘conversations’ with nurses who have participated in the scheme. We heard more than 50 nurses honestly discuss what it’s like to work in our trusts and what might encourage them staying longer. Honest stories and simple ‘asks’ that can make a big difference to nurses.  This event followed on from the Capital Nurse focus groups which were held in every trust to ask ‘what can we do to encourage you to stay? Issues such as, standardising retire or return policy. Or a simple strategy of writing to all nurses two years prior to their retirement date, offering ‘safe space’ to discuss their future plan. A simple plan, not complex or costly and easy to implement.  

We also heard back from the first London Nursing & Midwifery Workforce Strategy Group on the sector priorities and identifying some of the challenge/questions we should explore.

The proposal for Capital Nurse to be funded for a further two years, and for our activity to support and not duplicate other work being done, was welcomed, as was a 10-year strategy for international recruitment for London, to be co-ordinated centrally.  More attention to nursing in social care was also identified as a key priority. This is fully support within NCL by our investment and dedicated CapitalNurse/STP schemes.

Maternity Community Hubs

The Maternity Workstream has agreed on two initial sites for community hubs, with a plan for further rollout across North Central London depending on the success of these pilots. The sites and proposed model of care are: 

  • Harmood – UCLH & RFH antenatal and postnatal care by a known midwife
  • Park Lane – NMUH and Whittington antenatal, birth and postnatal continuity of care by a known midwife

The Harmood hub in Camden will be up and running by April 2018. This will be for approximately 100 women over a 6 month period. Women who have their baby in one Trust (RF/UCLH), but have postnatal care at another Trust, will receive care continuity from a known midwife, both before and after the birth eliminating the traditional postcode boundaries.

Discussions with NMUH are ongoing, however it is planned that approximately 100 women with additional social need in Haringey, will also be able to access continuity of carer across the pathway, including the birth. This will involve midwives from NMUH and Whittington being able to provide care, working together across boundaries and care facilities.  It is anticipated this will commence in April or soon after.

You can read more about the 2018/19 plan for maternity services here and watch a video on their approach to patient and public involvement here.

North London Partners Employment Models Workshop

The North London Partners Employment Models Workshop took place on 22 February. Forty people attended from health and social care organisations. Federations presented current employment models, identified some of the challenges, as well as facilitating workshops focusing on GPs, pharmacists and social care workforce. The way forward was discussed focusing on commissioning arrangements, standardised terms and conditions and portfolio development opportunities across the system.

Group Consultations in Primary care Project

NCL CEPN (Community Provider Education Network) has been given Transformation Funding by Health Education England to deliver education and training activities. One of the transformation projects being delivered by Camden, Haringey and Islington CEPNs is Group Consultations. This project aims to support primary care practices to establish group consultations, using mixed learning methodologies. 31 practices and specialist teams across NCL are on board for the project and dates of the initial action learning set events are 13 March, 27 March, 10 April and 18 April.  

NCL QI Network

In order to ensure the long term resilience and sustainability of general practice, Quality Improvement Support Teams (QISTs) are being developed. In alignment with this development, a North London Partners QI Network across NCL has been established. The 2nd NCL QI Network event was held on 22 February, which focussed on frailty, sharing experiences and good practice.

Adult Elective Orthopaedics Services Review

In the last edition of the newsletter we included the launch of the review. You can now stay up to date with the latest developments in the review by visiting the webpage.

People news

Sanjay Mackintosh is leaving the Programme Management team. Since January 2017 Sanjay has led the Adult Social Care element of the Programme. He has been instrumental in developing the relationship with the five local authorities, improving understanding of councils and embedding adult social care within the STP. Sanjay is joining Camden Council as Director of Corporate Programmes on 19 March. We’d like to take this opportunity to extend both our thanks and congratulations to Sanjay.

Jenni Frost is also leaving the programme in March to begin maternity leave. We wish Jenni well and would like to thank her for all her great work on urgent and emergency care.

Kevin Monteith will be leaving the STP at the end of the month after working with us since the autumn of 2016. We thank Kevin for his dedication helping to ensure robust governance across the programme and helping us to develop strong relationships across the sector. Kevin, who officially retired in September 2017, will continue to work for the Priory but will now be able to spend more time at home in beautiful County Tyrone.

Marion Phillips, from Islington Council, has joined the Social Care workstream part time on the Homecare initiative to improve workforce recruitment, development and retention.  She brings with her experience and skills that will enhance our provider engagement plans.

STP Events

Living with long-term conditions

Following the success of the previous Master classes, the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery are pleased to announce registration is now open for a 3rd Masterclass in Neuroscience Nursing ‘Living with long term conditions’. The masterclass will take place on Friday 6 April from 9am to 4:30pm. The programme includes a number of expert speakers and is free to attend. Please see flyer for details. If you are interested, please follow the link to register.

'Changing role of public participation in a transforming NHS' – Invitation to a National Patient and Public Voice Partners (PPV) Event

Have your say in transforming the NHS at the national conference for Patient and Public Voice (PPV) partners. People working with NHS England, CCGs, trusts, STPs/ICS as a ‘PPV partner’, lay member, non-executive director or in similar roles are all invited to take part.  

The ‘Changing role of public participation in a transforming NHS’ conference  being held on 21 March and the agenda has been developed to include feedback from last year’s PPV partners’ survey and continued discussions with groups and networks. Attendance is free, and lunch and refreshments will be provided.

The event will focus on helping PPV partners to engage in the most effective way with people and communities to help transform NHS services and it will be an opportunity for PPV partners to:

  • Get an update on the latest developments in health and social care.
  • Hear from other partners about how they have been involved, the difference their voices have made and what helps them to be an effective NHS England partner.
  • Explore how PPV partners can impact on outcomes, including in the context of the changing NHS.
  • Offer opportunities to access learning and development, network with other PPV partners and access support.

Support at hand for people with long-term conditions

The Royal Free Charity has opened a new support hub at the Royal Free Hospital. The support hub which is located on the lower ground floor of the hospital, near the M & S café, will provide support and information to people affected by long-term conditions, and their carers and families.

The hub will offer welfare and benefits advice, resources on local and national services, and a programme of relevant presentations and workshops. The workshops will range from peer education, self-management and healthy eating to relaxation and music and art therapy.

The hub will also run a drop-in service, facilitated by the charity’s trained volunteers, who will offer a friendly ear while providing  up-to-date information on further support if needed.

For more information contact

Population Health Learning Lab

Imperial College Health Partners is hosting an event on 29 March at Goodenough College, London. Following feedback from their last Learning Lab, they’ve ask the question: how can we convert data into real-life improvements for patients?

To find the answer, they have brought together a number of speakers who are changing the way we care for people using data. The event is split into two parts;

  • An action learning set with an opportunity to learn from your peers
  • A series of evening talks on the use of data to benefit your population

Refreshments will be provided and the event is an opportunity to network, for some peer to peer learning and time to ask your own questions on population health. Reserve your free ticket here.