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STP Newsletter - 31 January 2018

Message from Helen Pettersen, North London Partners (STP) convenor

Welcome to the first edition of this newsletter for 2018. In line with feedback we have received, we have included more information on successes and achievements within the STP, which I hope you will find useful and interesting. 

STP news: successes and achievements

New ward opens at Finchley Memorial

A new hospital ward opened at Finchley Memorial Hospital at the end of last year, to support patients discharged from local acute hospitals, notably Barnet Hospital and the Royal Free Hospital. The 17-bed unit at Adams Ward will care for patients who are ready to leave the acute hospital but require ongoing assessment before returning home (known as ‘Discharge to Assess’). 

The services – which provide patients with tailored care and discharge plans to meet their individual needs – are provided by Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust, which already provides a wide range of services from the hospital. 

The additional capacity provided at Finchley will help the local NHS more widely, particularly during the winter when acute hospitals and emergency departments are extremely busy. Find the full story at the Barnet CCG Website. 

Urgent and Emergency Care

Discharge to assess pathways live across all five boroughs

This enables patients to be discharged earlier by arranging their assessment to take place outside of an acute hospital. As well as improving flow, it allows a bed to be freed up earlier. This is much better for patient experience as it reduces the amount of time people spend in a busy hospital which can lead to hospital-acquired infection, loss of independence and poorer health outcomes. 

Emergency Department streaming in place at all 5 hospitals in NCL

We have launched alternative pathways for patients to access appropriate urgent care advice and treatment, without having to wait for A&E assessment. This either takes the form of “see and treat” by GPs at the front door of A&E, or redirection of patients to another nearby facility for a booked, same-day appointment with a GP or nurse. 

Designation of Urgent Treatment Centres

As of 31st December, four of our urgent care facilities have been designated as Urgent Treatment Centres or “UTCs” demonstrating that they meet the majority of the national UTC standards and therefore we are delivering a consistent urgent care offer for our patients across most of NCL. These sites are at: UCLH, North Middlesex, Royal Free (Hampstead) and the Whittington. 

Planned Care


New primary care pathways for urology were agreed by the NCL Urology Design Group in December 2017 are being introduced across NCL between February – April 2018. The pathways are the result of several months of work by the group and are based upon pathways developed by Barnet CCG, which focused on improving patient outcomes, reducing inappropriate referrals and reducing variations in the management of five common urological conditions such as erectile dysfunction, kidney stones and UTIs. Enfield CCG will introduce these pathways from 1st February and with local agreement Camden CCG on 1st March with Islington & Haringey starting n 1st April 2018. 

Minor Skin Lesions Direct Enhanced Service

In Dec 2017, the NCL dermatology design group agreed to explore the national minor surgery Direct Enhanced Service (DES). Historically NHSE had three services commissioned in Camden, Islington & Haringey with varying levels of activity. The service is designed to relaunch the DES thus leading to a reduction in the number of referrals into secondary care by providing some common dermatological procedures in GP Practices through a trained GP. The new revised NCL DES pathway launched in Jan 2018 in Camden, Islington & Haringey with the design group working with Barnet & Enfield to agree an expansion of the service in 2018. 

Health and Care Closer to Home

At the most recent Care Closer to Home Programme Board, members discussed the proposal to develop an NCL-wide set of indicators for Care and Health Integrated Networks. Members recommended that these indicators should be developed using a public health, evidence-based approach, e.g. the percentage of 0-4 year olds admitted to A&E, and linked to wider system aims, including ‘I’ statements, provided by the local population. 

Advancing Analytics Award

Islington Council along with partners (NEL Commissioning Support Unit, Islington CCG, UCL and the local Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care) has been awarded the Advancing Analytics Award by the Health Foundation. Congratulations to this forward thinking team. 

The project is for development of a linked dataset between NHS and local government data. This linked dataset would enable more effective use of information in the health care system and local government. It would allow us to assess the patterns in the social determinants, health status, and service utilisation, to inform strategic planning, service redesign, quality improvement, and evaluation. 

This work links in well with our Population Health Analytics work within the NCL STP, as well as the Prevention, Care Closer to Home and Digital workstreams. 

People news

Siobhan Harrington, CEO of the Whittington Health NHS Trust has taken on the role of SRO for Workforce. Siobhan takes over from Maria Kane, who was recently appointed CEO at North Middlesex University Hospital. Many thanks to Maria for all her work in leading this workstream. 

Gary Sired joined us on 2 January as STP Deputy Director of Finance. Welcome to the team, Gary. Gary will be based with the central PMO team in 5 Pancras Square and can be contacted via

Join us in welcoming Geraldine Wingfield-Hill to the STP. Geraldine took up her post as Digital Programme Director on 11th December. She has a full induction schedule and will be based in 5 Pancras Square. You can contact Geraldine via: 

We’re pleased to welcome Sophie Donnellan to the team as Associate Director of Commissioning. Sophie’s focus will be looking at how we strengthen system working within the STP and beyond the five-year plans. Sophie will be based with the central PMO team in 5 Pancras Square and can be contacted via 

STP Events

Improving understanding of the NHS and local government

Partnerships between the NHS and local government are vital to the successful delivery of sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs). Colleagues working across the NHS and local government have the opportunity to better understand the different political dynamics, structures and cultures of local government and the NHS via this free workshop. 

The NHS and the Centre for Public Scrutiny (CfPS) have come together to deliver a half-day workshop to support you to improve your understanding of the NHS and local government, facilitated by NHS and local government experts including councillors/cabinet leads. The workshop is designed as a ‘go to’ event for those working on STPs in both the NHS and local government. 

The workshop aims to:

  • Improve partnership work and well-informed dialogue between health and local government in STPs/ACSs
  • Ensure that NHS managers, clinicians and non-executive members of governing bodies, particularly those involved in major change programmes, have the knowledge and skills to engage effectively with local government partners
  • Increase knowledge of local government councillors about the health policy context and drivers of change. 

The event takes place on London Tuesday 6 March at Friends House in Euston from 10.00am to 1.30pm.  Places are limited – to book please complete the booking form

Related News

Consultation on 'opt-out' consent for organ and tissue donation

The government plans to change organ donation to an 'opt-out' system to make it easier for people to give consent to be an organ donor. The Department of Health has launched a consultation to find out what people think about how the changes should be made. 

The consultation is seeking views on how much input families have in a deceased relative's donation decisions, whether exemptions to opting out are needed, and how these proposals may affect certain groups depending on age, disability, race or faith. The consultation closes on 6 March 2018. 

Facing the Facts Shaping the Future

A draft health and care workforce strategy for England to 2027 is out for consultation. The consultation started on 13 December 2017 and will be finishing at 5pm on Friday 23rd of March 2018. 

Responses to the consultation can be submitted here: The final strategy will be published in July 2018. 

Get outside

There is growing evidence of the health and wellbeing benefits to being outside in green spaces. Here are just two articles that we’ve seen over the past week one on the benefits and another on how to find green spaces for walking in London. 

Get involved

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Sharing the news

We are committed to being open and transparent and by sharing this newsletter we are demonstrating this commitment in a real and meaningful way. It is important that information about our partnership and the work being done is shared widely with staff and residents. This newsletter is a fortnightly snapshot of current issues and our progress. We encourage you to forward this newsletter to your teams and more broadly within your organisation. 

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