North London Partners in health and care

STP Newsletter - 25 Sep 2017

Message from Helen Pettersen, North London Partners (STP) convenor

The King’s Fund and Nuffield Trust published their analysis of London STPs a couple of weeks ago. At the launch event Chris Ham, Chief Executive of the King’s Fund, said that he thought that STPs were the best chance we have for success. There was general consensus that the plans are focusing on the right priorities in relation to prevention and shifting care out of hospital. However the report also raises concerns about the realism of some of the financial planning. Our plan is highlighted as having a realistic approach to stranded costs.

More locally, we had two important discussions at the Health & Care Cabinet last week. We discussed the work that we have been doing on updating the existing Procedures of Limited Clinical Effectiveness (POLCE) to ensure that we have a consistent and effective approach across the whole patch. There was strong endorsement of the principle that we should have consistent access to services for our residents. There was also support for the work that Enfield CCG has undertaken on Adherence to Evidence Based Medicine following their consultation undertaken earlier in the year. The Health & Care Cabinet supported the proposal that we should consult across the rest of North London on implementing the Enfield approach consistently across the patch. We also noted that there will be some cross London work on POLCE which we will actively participate in.

We also received a report from the review of the current mental health Place of Safety arrangements across London. There was strong endorsement of the conclusion that the current arrangements are not fit for purpose and support for the ongoing work to improve the way that we provide this important service.

Both these pieces of work reinforced the importance of strong collaborative clinical leadership across the patch to ensure that our work is visibly clinically-led across primary and secondary care.

STP Progress Update

Activities from the past fortnight:

  • Planned care steering group meeting - 11 September
  • Programme delivery board meeting - 12 September
  • Admission Avoidance & Ambulatory Emergency Care Design Group - 13 September
  • STP interdependencies workshop – 18 September
  • Local Workforce Action Board – 20 September
  • Health and care cabinet meeting - 20 September
  • NCL Joint Health Oversight Committee meeting 22 September


Activities planned for this fortnight:

  • Health and Care Closer to Home Clinical Leadership Group - 27 September
  • Finance and activity modeling meeting - 29 September
  • NCL Urgent and Emergency Care Board- 2 October
  • NCL STP Advisory Board Tuesday - 3 October
  • NCL Strategy Directors' meeting - 6 October