North London Partners in health and care

STP Newsletter - 21 August 2017

Message from Helen Pettersen, North London Partners (STP) convenor

We have now created a public summary version of the strategic narrative for our plan.

This document is designed for residents and is written in a more ‘reader friendly’ style. It does not have the level of detail, as found in the strategic narrative, however it does tell our story. It outlines our ambition to improve health and care services for the people of North London and how we are meeting the challenges of quality of care, money, workforce, and estates. 

The document is open and transparent about the financial challenge and restates our commitment to maintain high quality and safe services. Safe for patients and staff. I hope you will read the document and share it with your team as well as with other stakeholders.

We have had feedback that this newsletter is helpful, but that it says more about process and structure of the STP than about what we are doing to improve services for local residents. In response, from now on we will include in this newsletter more information about the content of our individual workstreams, and progress with them, as well as pointers to further detail on our website. This week we feature some information about our initiatives in primary care. 

Workstream Information

What do our STP Primary Care Initiatives really mean for residents and patients?

Across North London, people have told us know people want quicker access to services and they want their mental health needs to be considered alongside their physical health. Here’s what we are doing to make that happen. 

Quicker access to GPs and practice nurses at more convenient times

We all know A&E services are under pressure. If people don’t need to go to A&E we want them to have easy access to appropriate services through their GP practice.

  • People will now be able to see a GP or practice nurse between 8am and 8pm seven days a week. Appointments can be booked through their own practice, through NHS 111 or by walking in.
  • GP practices will start to offer phone-based advice or let people email a GP. We are also developing smartphone and tablet apps to help people check their own symptoms;
  • A wider range of health care professionals will be part of the general practice team. These could include pharmacists, physiotherapists and psychologists. Residents will be able to access these services either within their own practice or from a neighbouring practice. 

Supporting patients with long-term conditions outside hospital

  • We know most patients want to avoid hospital visits when possible. If someone has a long term health condition or if they struggle to stay healthy, the GP may be able to work with a wider team, outside of the practice, to support this person.
  • This team may have nurses with a different skills, therapists, social care workers, pharmacists and voluntary services working alongside specialist doctors and other nurses including mental health workers.
  • People will be involved in developing their own ‘Care and Support plan’ and a Care Coordinator will work with people to access a greater range of support whether from the health service, local authority or other services based in the community, to help keep our residents as healthy and well as possible.
  • People will be able to see their own records of their health and care needs. With a person’s consent relevant health and care professionals will also be able to see these records so people only have to tell their story once 

STP Progress Update

Activities last week:

  • Coaching workshop for managers 15 August
  • Finance and activity modeling 18 August

Activities planned for this week:

  • UEC away day 22 August
  • Strategy directors 23 August
  • Health and Care Closer to Home Clinical Leadership Group 23 August 

It is important for information about our partnership and the work being done is shared widely with staff and residents. This newsletter is a weekly snapshot of current issues and our progress. I encourage you to forward this newsletter to your teams and more broadly within your organisation. For anyone wanting more detail, this newsletter helps directs people to our website 

We are committed to being open and transparent and by sharing this newsletter we are demonstrating this commitment in a real and meaningful way.

North London partners is now online. We invite you to visit our website at it’s here you will find information, news and views about how we are working together to deliver better health and care in North London. You can also follow us on twitter @nclstp