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STP Newsletter - 20 February 2018

Message from Helen Pettersen, North London Partners (STP) convenor

The start of the month saw us participating in Children’s Mental Health Week. The theme was encouraging children, young people and adults to celebrate their uniqueness through #BeingOurselves. 

When we have a positive view of ourselves it can help us to cope with life’s challenges, and recognising the different qualities of others can allow us to connect with those around us – which is vital for our own and others’ wellbeing. It is especially important to foster this in our children and young people. 

STP news: successes and achievements 

Smoothing the patient discharge journey

Multi-agency discharge events, or MADEs, have been introduced at the Royal Free Hospital and Barnet Hospital. These teams bring together the local health system to support patient flow, recognise and unblock delays and challenge, improve and simplify complex discharge processes. 

GPs and practice nurses, community, mental health and local authority services, to name a few, come together to work with hospital teams to improve patient flow by:

  • Reviewing all patients with a length of stay over seven days and understanding why this is the case
  • Ensuring all patients have a clear clinical medical plan and clinical criteria for discharge
  • Identifying support requirements at ward level
  • Determining where to focus resources for improvement
  • Celebrating areas of good practice
  • Providing an immediate resolution team to resolve issues and expedite patient transfer and discharge 

This coordinated approach will lead to:

  • Increase the number of daily discharges from our hospitals
  • Reduce the length of stay for patients
  • Reduce the number of outlier patient
  • Improve the flow of patients through our hospitals 

Adult Elective Orthopaedics Service Review

The CCGs Joint Commissioning Committee agreed at its meeting on 1 February to establish a review of adult elective orthopaedic services across North Central London as part of the STP’s work programme on musculoskeletal (MSK) services. We currently deliver adult elective orthopaedic services from 12 different sites across NCL, and the review will consider whether there are better ways to configure these services to improve outcomes for patients. The review is expected to take about a year. For more information please read the bulletin or contact 


NCL achieved the 62 day standard in December for the first time in 3 years.  This is very positive, and reflects strong performance at RFL. 

Enabling Simplified Discharge

The NCL Simplified Discharge Working Group have been working on developing guidance on discharge to assess design principles, which colleagues across NCL are working towards delivering in order to ensure a consistent and high quality service across the patch. 

At the Whittington, there has been a positive response this winter to simplified discharge pathways from Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy staff at Whittington Hospital. Rachel Wale, Clinical Lead OT reports: "The time taken at induction to explain discharge pathways to therapy staff has reduced significantly; there's one set of pathways and broadly one system for discharging patients. This along with the single point of access phone number for each borough means it is easier to explain, easier for staff to take on board, and easier for them to implement  for their patients". 

Suzanne Roberts, the OT/PT and Rehab Unit Manager at the Whittington adds "the discharge to assess pathways still have their problems and things do still go wrong with discharges but we now have the personal contacts between hospital and community, health and social services, providers and commissioners to sort them out real time". 

New roles in Primary Care

NCL CEPN (Community Provider Education Network) has been given Transformation Funding by HEE to deliver education and training activities. One of the transformation projects that is being delivered by Camden CEPN is "Understanding New Face of Primary Care"; which aims to increase understanding of new roles within primary care.

As part of this project, an infographic was created which provides summary information about Nursing Associate, Medical Assistant, Practice Based Pharmacist, and Physician Associate roles within Primary Care. The infographic describes the role, specific functions each role fulfils, what level role holders are educated to, as well as some benefits these roles bring to the primary case system. 

International recruitment programme

NCL has taken part in the pan-London bid for the national GP International Recruitment Programme, which has now been approved. The programme aims to recruit at least 2000 GPs from abroad by 2020.  So far in NCL there have been 32 expressions of interest and there is now another opportunity for General Practices to express their interest in this programme by 28th February. Please contact if you would like to express your interest or if you have any further questions. NHSE will soon be able to confirm details on funding and support as well as the programme delivery. 

People news

We’re pleased to announce that Sam Rostom will join us as Programme Director for Children and Young People on Monday 19 February. Join us in welcoming Sam into her new role. Sam will be based with the PMO team in King’s Cross. 

On the same day, we welcome back our programme manager, Jonathan Fisher, to the PMO. Jonathan has been on sabbatical since November and will return to us after spending time roaming in the sunshine of the southern hemisphere with his wife and young son. Jonthan’s email address remains: 

It is time to say goodbye to Becky Jowett. Becky is returning to her hometown of Leeds to take up a role as Programme Manager leading on living with and beyond Cancer. We would like to thank Becky for all of her hard work on the UEC programme and wish her the very best of luck for the future. 

STP Events 

Employment models workshop – Thursday 22 February, 08:30 -12pm

The NCL Employment Models Workshop will be a fantastic opportunity to explore how primary care can respond to both current and future changes in the health and care system. 38 have confirmed their attendance so far with representation from Community Education Provider Networks (CEPN); GP Federations; CCGs, General Practices, Workforce leads across health and care organisations; Capital Nurse programme; Health Education England; LMC and LPC representatives as well as leads from Health and Care Closer to Home, Mental Health and Social Care workstreams of the STP. Please contact  for any queries about the workshop. 

Quality Improvement Network Event - Thursday 22 February, 13:00 – 17:30

In order to ensure the long-term resilience and sustainability of general practice, Quality Improvement Support Teams (QISTs) are being developed. To support this, a North London Partners QI Network across NCL has been established to provide you with the opportunity to meet likeminded people, receive useful information, hear about new ideas and support you to put them into practice either individually or as part of your local QIST. 

We would like to invite you to join us at our next event will focus on “FRAILTY”. You can click here to secure your place. 


Primary Care Workforce Action Plan Activities and Clinical Workstreams Map

A wire diagram bas been created identifying different NCL LWAB Primary Care Workforce Action Plan activities and how they link to the different clinical workstreams which can be reached using this link. You can click on each work stream that takes you to an individual link map. 

Related News

Deloitte review of planning work for QIPP

Deloitte assessed all the STPs in London before Christmas on their preparatory work on 18/19 QIPP, and have now released their report. NCL was assessed as the best in London, which is great news, and a tribute to all the good work done by people in our team, the CCGs and the CSU.  

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