North London Partners in health and care

STP Newsletter - 16 October 2017

We are now just over six months into the financial year, which is a good time to reflect on progress to date with our transformation programme, and to look ahead to next year and beyond.   There is lots to be proud of, with all of our workstreams focussed on their plans to deliver improved health for the local population, and all of our partners working together in a system-wide way to secure change.  Our priority is to make sure that all plans are turned into reality.  That requires a collaborative approach, and a relentless focus on delivery.

An important part of our governance structure is the STP Advisory Board, which brings together Leaders of the Councils, Chairs of the CCGs and the NHS Trusts, and Healthwatch.  We had our latest meeting on 3 October.  Alongside presentations on urgent and emergency care, planned care and health and care closer to home, we had a very constructive discussion about our approach to communication and engagement across the STP, and with our local population.  There is much more to be done here, and we will use the helpful advice from that meeting to inform our approach.

We had the latest meeting of our regular Programme Delivery Board on 10 October, at which we review the detail of progress by workstream, as well as taking an overview of the STP.  We are very aware of the capacity constraints which affect every organisation, and the need to ensure that we continue to deliver on business as usual while also making sure that the right people are freed up to work on transformation.  We agreed to reduce the frequency of detailed reporting to the Programme Delivery Board from each of the workstreams, making this monthly; and at the same time to ensure closer links between the individual Senior Responsible Officers and the STP Team.  

We also used the Programme Delivery Board to take stock of our work to date on urgent and emergency care, and the relationship between the workstream and local work through the A&E Delivery Boards.  Strengthening these links will be increasingly important as we head into winter and the anticipated pressures that all parts of the system will experience over the next few months.

The Programme Delivery Board also received a report from the workshop on interdependencies between the different STP workstreams which was held in September.  This underlined the importance of us all having a shared understanding of what we are looking to achieve, and how we can best collaborate to secure that.  We have a follow up session with workstream leads on 19 October to take this forward.

On 12 October Capital Nurse and the STP jointly ran a workshop on engaging NCL nurses in the development and implementation of our Care Closer to Home Programme.  This was a great opportunity to bring together nurses from across the patch to increase awareness of the STP and Care Closer to Home, to bust some myths about the STP, and to co-create a strong network to include nurses in future discussions about this work.  The session also showcased examples of best practice across NCL.