North London Partners in health and care

Welcome to our website

Welcome to our website - here you will find information on North Central London STP which we have renamed as North London Partners in health and care.

We all know the NHS and social care are under pressure. The proposals we have developed for North London are about addressing the pressure now, while also considering what care needs to look like in the future. What will our people need to stay well? And what services and treatments will be necessary when they become unwell? Where should treatment or care take place to best support recovery? These are just some of the questions being asked. 

We also need to make sure that we respond to mental ill health with the same compassion and urgency as physical illness. No one can be mentally unwell and yet be considered healthy. We also need to better understand the impact of mental ill health on people, their families, friends and colleagues and on their ability to participate in everyday life  . 

Our plan for North London is to support people to stay well and for people to have access to good services and treatment if they become unwell. We can all play an active part in improving our health and care services by understanding and applying the knowledge we have on how we can actively pursue happy and healthy lives.

Working in health and social care can be an incredibly rewarding and interesting career. We want to maintain and continue to build an efficient and highly skilled workforce. We want to support our workforce to be happy, healthy and productive, so our staff are capable and confident in delivering the very best care to the people of North London. We want to encourage young people to come into the caring professions and to recruit and retain people who are already working in the field

You can read our summary plan or for more detail you can read the full document. I encourage you to provide feedback and comments and to get involved and participate in the engagement events and activities being held across the five boroughs. 

Our plan is ambitious and our financial position is challenging.  Like any public sector organisation we need to live within the money available for health and social care locally and become more efficient. This website will keep you up to date on how we are realising our vision of delivering ‘a health and care system for North London where no one is left behind’.

Together we can improve the health and wellbeing of North London. I invite you to visit the website regularly to keep up to date on the latest news, events and information from North London Partners in health and care.