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Taking a big step forward for joined-up care in Barnet

At its meeting in January, the governing body for Barnet CCG approved a proposal to be the first north central London CCG to implement the Health Information Exchange (HIE).   This is a big step forward in joining up care across north central London, with Barnet leading the way for all five CCGs in NCL.

In order to establish a health service which is more joined-up and promotes faster improvements to patient care, we need to look at digital solutions as well as clinical ones. Health Information Exchange (HIE) just such a digital solution. The vision is to allow hospital staff and GPs to view patient information in real-time, helping clinicians to provide a much more efficient service for patients. Within the NCL group of CCG’s, Barnet has been selected as the pilot borough for HIE.

From the Governing Body, Dr Debbie Frost and Dr Tal Helbitz (as project lead) have been deeply involved in the discussions on its implementation. We all look forward to the benefits to patients being realised.

HIE will support this in a number of ways:

  • It will provide a snapshot view of a resident’s health and care history, current and past medications and previous events and episodes of care will be summarised
  • Information such as discharge summaries, clinic letters and case notes will be available, so users will have a broader understanding of a resident’s story
  • Current medications, medical history, allergies and information about referrals and appointments will be readily available · Tests and investigations requested by other organisations will be immediately available to, so there will be no need to manually request the results of healthcare tests
  • Residents will no longer need to retell their story, or recall medication dosages or the outcome of previous care

Implementing this new initiative properly and with all necessary safeguards is really important. Further work is being done to finalise the information governance paperwork and the communications and engagement approach working closely with colleagues from the Federation, the LMC and the CCG. Progress will be overseen by a sub-group of the CCG Board, overseen by Dr Charlotte Benjamin as Chair.

There's more on North London Partner's digital programme on our website.

If you would like any further detail about this exciting project, please contact our Barnet Deployment Manager, Amy Todd: