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Community Education: One thing I am doing to improve asthma outcomes for CYP

Adama Kargbo
Children and Young People Atopy Clinical Nurse Specialist

My name is Adama and I work as a Clinical Nurse specialist in Atopic conditions. Atopy affects those with a predisposition to allergic conditions, such as eczema, hay-fever and asthma.

One thing I am doing to improve outcomes for local children and young people with asthma is to run nurse-led community clinics in Camden.  In these clinics I see children and young people with asthma who are having a hard time controlling their asthma and need help and support. I provide education about asthma, so young people can learn more about their condition, and have a better understanding on what triggers can make their asthma worse and an understanding how to keep their asthma well-controlled.

A key part of my role is education, not only for the children and young people I care for but for the many professionals, such as a GP, that a child with asthma will come into contact with.

I think providing education for professionals within the community and in the hospital settings can make a positive impact on the care management for children with asthma.

This work with professionals will have benefits to the wider community. For example:

  • All families will receive the same information regarding asthma management regardless of which health professional they see. This means that children and families are not confused about what they should be doing to manage their asthma and when to seek further help.
  • All health professionals in contact with a child with asthma are able to identify children who are high risk, and put in place relevant and effective controls and plans for escalation. This means that children are less likely to have a life-threatening asthma attack.
  • Health professionals feel confident to give advice and have an awareness of how to put a care management plan in place or recommend a treatment plan. This will ensure better communication between patients and professionals and a better experience all around).
  • GPs and practice nurses are able to perform an annual asthma review using the paediatric asthma review template. This annual review is a key part of the Ask About Asthma campaign. The work I do means that more children are in control of their asthma and can get on with living their lives without restriction.

I feel the experience of working in the community is very rewarding.  It provides an opportunity to extend specialist asthma services into the community from secondary care and fills the gap between the hospital and GP services. It also builds a positive relationship with young people and their families outside of the hospital environment.