North London Partners in health and care


Charlotte Pomery
Assistant Director of Commissioning at Haringey Council and Senior Responsible Officer for Children and Young People at North London Partners

As senior responsible officer for the Children and Young People workstream of North London Partners in health and care, our local sustainability and transformation partnership (STP), I am passionate about delivering better outcomes for children and young people within our communities.

Asthma is one of our key priorities, given the significant number of children and young people that are affected (1 in 10) and the impacts asthma can have on the whole family. Our aim is to support children, young people and families with asthma to receive the appropriate treatment, at the right time, in the right place and to enable them to remain as well as possible.

We know that in order to deliver sustainable transformation across health and social care, a whole system response is necessary, focusing on prevention and early intervention as well as on improved access to treatment and support. There is a clear imperative to do this more effectively, set within the context of increasing demand and complexity of need across our system, as well as the shared financial constraints that we are all facing.

Our wider vision for children and young people in north central London is:

‘Right care, right place, right time: Transformed health and social care services which are equitable, accessible, efficient and deliver improved outcomes for children, young people and families. Enabling high quality and responsive services for children, young people and their families, delivered locally where possible, with a shared focus on promoting wellbeing, reducing health inequalities and improving health and social outcomes.’

To deliver this across North London Partners, a range of partner agencies, including health, housing, social care, public health and environment services have come together across organisational boundaries, to identify ways that we can work differently, with families and communities, to ensure children and young people enjoy better health and wellbeing. As system leaders working together on behalf of children and young people, we believe there is a real opportunity to deliver sustainable change and to improve outcomes for children, young people and wider communities.

Charlotte Pomery is the SRO for Children and Young People at North London Partners in Health and Care and Assistant Director for Commissioning for Haringey Council.

We are supporting the Healthy London Partnership’s #AskAboutAsthma campaign which runs from 3rd-16th Sept. To find out more, please see the campaign briefing and poster