North London Partners in health and care

Draft response to The NHS Long Term Plan in north central London

We have been working together to consider what the requirements set out in the NHS Long Term Plan (LTP) mean for our residents, staff and health and care partner organisations across North Central London (NCL). We have a collective commitment to deliver changes that will improve the health and wellbeing of residents, and have listened to what residents told us is important to them.

The LTP already aligns closely with our current work to improve services and integrate systems. Developing a collective response is an opportunity for us to work together to continue to design health services around residents’ needs, rather than the organisations that deliver care.

We are working to develop a draft NCL delivery plan for each of the sections of the LTP, and are now seeking the engagement and involvement of all local partners, stakeholder and residents to refine and finesse these plans. Over the next two months, we will cross-reference, financially cost and finalise our plan for submission in November.

You can access the draft version of each section via the links on the right hand side of this page. Please note that these are still in development and have been shared at an early stage to allow our partners and stakeholders an opportunity to shape the content. The sections will not be finalised until mid-November.

Each section has a named contact, and their contact details, listed in the document. If you have any comments, queries or think we have missed important points relating to any of the sections please get in touch with the relevant author by 30th September 2019.

To ensure our local plan responds to the requirements of the LTP Implementation Framework, we have developed chapters to cover each of the sections of the framework, as set out below:

Delivering a new service model

  • Fully integrated community-based health care
  • Reducing pressures on emergency hospital services
  • Giving people more control over their health and more personalised care
  • Digitally-enabling primary care and outpatient care (covered within the ‘Delivering digitally-enabled care across the NHS’, ‘Fully integrated community-based health care’ and ‘Shorter waits for planned care’ sections)
  • Improving cancer outcomes 
  • Improving mental health outcomes
  • Shorter waits for planned care 

Increasing the focus on population health

  • Moving to integrated care systems everywhere

More NHS action on preventions

  • Focus on prevention

Delivering further progress of care quality and outcomes

  • A strong start in life for children and young people
  • Learning disabilities and autism
  • Better care for major health conditions – cardiovascular, stroke, diabetes and respiratory (draft in development)
  • Volunteering (draft in development)

Giving NHS staff the backing they need

  • Feeding back in line with the themes from the interim NHS People Plan

Delivering digitally-enabled care across the NHS

  • Increase the use of digital tools to transform how outpatient services are offered and options for virtual outpatient appointments

Using taxpayers’ investment to maximum effect

  • Financial and planning assumptions improving productivity and reducing variation (draft in development)