North London Partners in health and care

Draft response to The NHS Long Term Plan in north central London

The organisations that provide health, care and voluntary services in Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Haringey and Islington (North Central London) have been working together to consider what the NHS Long Term Plan (LTP) requirements mean for our residents, staff and health and care partner organisations. We have a collective commitment to deliver changes that will improve the health and wellbeing of residents, and have listened to what residents told us is important to them.

The LTP already aligns closely with our current work to improve services and integrate systems. Developing a collective response is an opportunity for us to work together to continue to design health services around residents’ needs, rather than the organisations that deliver care.

Our aim is to help residents to live the fullest lives possible, stay well, and to recover from ill health more quickly. We want to tackle the long-standing problems in North Central London (NCL) that mean some residents experience inequalities in their health.

Our draft plan sets out what we are aiming to achieve together to deliver improvements over the next five years, and what this will mean for residents. This draft plan builds on work we have already started and sets out how we will continue in our work to deliver the national priorities outlined in the NHS Long Term Plan.

This will be the basis for continued engagement and the development of more detailed work with our staff, local residents and our partners. 

Detailed draft sections on the changes we want to make include:

Working more effectively as a system:  

Detailed service transformation plans:  

Supporting the delivery of these changes: