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What to do when your child is unwell or injured during Covid-19

Parents should not delay in calling a GP if they are concerned about their child’s health.

What to do in an emergency

If a child needs urgent assistance, parents should dial 999 or attend an A&E department.

Hospital is the safest place for a child if they are seriously ill. All health services are putting lots of measures in place to ensure children and young people are safe, if they do need to go to hospital.

What to do for non-emergency care

For situations that are not life-threatening, parents can still get medical help or advice for their child:

  • For general online information and to check symptoms refer to NHS online: or use 111 online:
  • During surgery hours, if needed call your GP to discuss your concerns and seek help
  • You can also call 111 for further advice, this is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week but please be aware that this service is very busy at the moment.

If a parent is concerned that their child might have coronavirus

  • Coronavirus is unlikely to make your child unwell, but please seek help and advice if you are worried
  • You can also check the NHS symptom checker on
  • Please do let the medical team know if your child has coronavirus symptoms - a fever or cough.

It won’t affect the quality of the care you receive but it will ensure that those looking after you and children around you are sufficiently protected.