North London Partners in health and care

We need your continued support with our flu vaccination programme

This year, with COVID-19 still in circulation, it is going to be even more important to ensure we support our communities to stay well this winter and to raise awareness of the protection the flu vaccination can provide.

Working with our partners we need to significantly increase the uptake of flu vaccination to achieve a minimum of 75% across all our eligible groups , particularly ensuring those groups that were disproportionately affected by coronavirus are protected.

Working with partners, our extensive communications and engagement programme has included:  developing two animations, one for at risk groups and one for parents to encourage the vaccination of children. These are now available in six languages widely spoken in north central London. We are also working with partners to ensure communications regarding the flu vaccination programme are made widely available through:

  • inserts in housing statements and food bank parcels and partner newsletter articles, including to schools and nurseries
  •  virtual community events with VCS organisations
  •  council magazine articles and resident letters from council leaders
  •  working with faith forums to get messages out to their communities
  •  a GP pack provided to every practice - weekly webinar with activity updates
  •  a social media campaign – sharing digital assets across London STPs
  •  developing a paid for advertising programme across digital platforms, such as Spotify, Facebook and Instagram - geographically targeted
  •  targeted engagement with communities disproportionately affected by COVID-19 to understand barriers and promote uptake
  •  providing training, myth busting tools and Q&As to address vaccine hesitancy
  •  promoting vaccination to staff to achieve 100% take up.

We would like to thank our partners and our voluntary sector organisations across the integrated care system for their ongoing support in delivering what is probably the most challenging Influenza vaccination programme in history.

Please feel free to download and use any of our promotional materials to continue to support us in raising awareness