North London Partners in health and care

Covid-19 NCL System Update Wednesday 22 April 2020

This regular bulletin provides an update on the North Central London (NCL) health and care system response to Covid-19. System leaders are working collectively to ensure our system remains resilient and working in the best ways possible to protect and care for staff and residents across our five boroughs during this challenging time.

The use of digital technology has been gradually increasing in NCL, and the pace of change has accelerated over the past month as we look for new ways to support our staff and patients. From phone and video consultations in primary care, to supporting residents in care homes separated from their families to stay in touch through Facebook Portals, we are adopting many innovative uses of technology. Providing access to information, intelligence about local communities and tools to keep us connected, digital working has become central to the NCL pandemic response.

A huge and heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in the North Central London Covid-19 response for your tireless commitment and work.

Frances O’Callaghan, Accountable Officer, NLC CCGs        Rob Hurd, NCL System Lead