North London Partners in health and care

Update: Development of ICS Leadership Team

As part of ongoing development of an Integrated Care System (ICS) for North Central London (NCL), we are strengthening our ICS leadership team. The remit of the team is to:

  • continue to ensure that major incident Gold ICS decision-making processes are in place to ensure the operational incident response to Covid-19 level 3 major incident is running effectively
  • make the decisions required at ICS level to reset health and care services in line with planning guidance from NHS England in ‘The Journey to a New NHS’
  • oversee the refresh of NCL’s NHS Long Term Plan response, system financial plan, and the co-production of an ICS vision and strategy
  • approve the establishment and objectives of ICS level projects and programmes
  • oversee and assure the delivery of programme objectives.

The membership of the leadership team will evolve in response to circumstances and will be formally reviewed every six months. There are some core members appointed to substantive ICS roles:

Rob Hurd, ICS lead

Frances O’Callaghan, NCL CCG Accountable Officer

Dr Jo Sauvage, NCL CCG Chair and primary care lead (Clinical Advisory Group Co-Chair)

Will Huxter, NCL CCG Director of Strategy.

The developing Gold and ICS leadership team is an iterative and evolving process that needs to align with other elements of ICS design that are ongoing, including developing strategic commissioning, the potential provider alliance and local borough integrated care partnerships.

The Gold/ICS roles filled to date are:

  • Finance: Tim Jaggard
  • Community: Siobhan Harrington
  • Local Authority interface: Zina Etheridge
  • Mental Health: Jinjer Kandola
  • Corporate Services: Maria Kane
  • Covid Gold: Kate Slemeck
  • Urgent and Emergency Care: Kate Slemeck
  • Workforce: David Grantham.