North London Partners in health and care

Tackling patient lists together in North Central London

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in temporary changes to service provision across North Central London (NCL) to allow health and care services to cope with increased pressures.

The system is now working together to restore services that were paused in recent months, with careful planning required. Providers across NCL have been collaborating to prioritise their waiting lists, and are working together to see those patients with the greatest need. 

In addition, our hospitals are coming together to make sure patients requiring procedures across many specialties are seen as quickly as possible, whilst ensuring national infection prevention and control guidelines are adhered to. The safety of all patients and residents, as well as our NHS staff remains our top priority.

To make sure patients are seen quickly and safely, we are introducing a coordinating provider model for certain planned care specialities. This provider will be responsible for the coordination of the clinical specialty network, which is a collaboration across our different clinical and operational leaders in NCL. The clinical specialty network will explore new models of delivery that will allow for standardisation across the system and increased productivity within the capacity available.

Initially the clinical specialty network approach will be across six specialties – orthopaedics, ophthalmology, general surgery, urology, gynaecology and ENT. Moorfields has been appointed as coordinating provider for ophthalmology and is starting to look at the best way to coordinate activity and resources across NCL. The existing orthopaedic network will act as a coordinating group and the other specialities are working together to make recommendations for leadership arrangements which will be confirmed in the next few weeks. 

Working together in this way will enable more patients to be seen and treated more quickly, while ensuring risks associated with Covid-19 are minimised.