North London Partners in health and care

Supporting recovery and resilient services across NCL

North Central London (NCL) has seen a successful implementation of a data driven and clinically prioritised approach to the first phase of elective recovery following the first Covid-19 wave. Over the past few months, NCL has rapidly ramped up activity across its hospitals, through the dedication of our staff across the system.

Now, as NCL prepares to operate in a world where Covid-19 will be a continuing feature, we are working with partners to put systems in place to provide care for patients on waiting lists for elective surgery. NCL is committed to providing patients with timely and safe elective care and we are working together across the system to adopt innovative models of care to achieve this. These proposed innovative new models of care will both maximise provider productivity (that is help NCL to treat more patients) and also make best use of our limited capacity through the ongoing Covid-19 response.

NCL has established speciality level clinical networks for six planned care specialities which will be supported by a coordinating provider. Through this collaborative approach, the coordinating provider and new clinical networks will work together to continue to clinically prioritise patients and set up the new models of care for safely and efficiently treating patients requiring lower priority elective surgery.

The specialty level networks have been given three core objectives:

  • To achieve top decile “Getting It Right First Time” (GIRFT) performance where unwarranted variation exists across hospital sites.
  • To establish High Volume Elective Centres (incorporating innovative new models of care) to make best use of our scarce resources.
  • To manage patient lists collaboratively and effectively and thereby provide greater equity of access across NCL.

We have established the first six networks and have appointed coordinating providers to support these networks where appropriate.

The coordinating providers by speciality are:

  • Ear Nose Throat (ENT) – University College Hospital
  • General Surgery – Whittington Health and UCLH
  • Gynaecology – UCLH
  • Ophthalmology – Moorfields Eye Hospital
  • Orthopaedics – NCL Orthopaedic Network
  • Urology – Royal Free London.

We are listening to patients and staff on how we can use our NCL resources effectively, with the elective recovery being driven by clinical and operational leads from across NCL providers. By working together in this way will enable more patients to be seen and treated more quickly, while ensuring risks associated with Covid-19 are minimised and that we are developing resilient and flexible services that can continue to operate in the eventuality of a second wave of Covid-19.