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Paediatric services in North Central London update

Over the past few months North Central London’s (NCL) paediatric teams have responded brilliantly to the challenges of working in a global pandemic. We have worked together across organisations to put in place temporary measures to ensure we could continue to provide high-quality, safe care to children and young people across NCL. As the number of Covid-19 patients is gradually reducing we can reflect back over the fantastic collective response and make sure we learn from these successes.

Going forward, we also need to ensure our paediatric teams are resilient and can respond flexibly over the coming winter period and in case of any potential further outbreaks of Covid-19.  Our priority is always to be able to provide the best care to children and young people in NCL.

A review of paediatric inpatient and emergency department services across NCL is currently underway, led by Dr Chris Streather, North Central London Clinical Advisory Group co-chair. To support this fast-paced review, a working group has been meeting weekly and will report back their recommendations at the end of July.

The working group includes representatives from staff across NCL paediatric services including primary care, community care, mental health and acute services. 

We also have a representative from the North Thames Paediatric Network.

The principle aims of the review are to: 

  • Assess the impact of recent reconfigurations.
  • Consider short and medium term system configuration that will ensure children and young people can access appropriate care in view of the potential challenge of a second Covid-19 surge and winter pressures.
  • Assess whether longer term changes to services are required to meet current and future demand.
  • Develop a shared system wide vision and strategic approach to change. Temporary changes to children and young people’s services

The review has made recommendations for temporary changes to children and young people’s services in NCL over the winter period. See Temporary changes to children and young people’s services