North London Partners in health and care

NHS open for urgent and time-critical services

All health and care providers are collaborating to ensure that, while there are huge pressures on all parts of the NHS and social care, local people can continue to have confidence that high-quality care is there when they need it. We continue to work closely together across the health and care system, including hospitals, community health services and adult social care to deliver health and care services.

We would be grateful for your support in communicating key messages to local people and communities:

  • if they have appointments scheduled and have not been advised of any changes, they should still attend
  • if they need emergency care, the NHS remains open for both Covid and non-Covid patients.
  • if they have need for urgent medical help that is not an emergency we ask people to contact NHS 111 or their GP for care advice.
  • London Ambulance Service is very busy, and we are asking people to call 999 and use A&E for emergencies only

We would be grateful for your continued endorsement of these messages.

We have been working hard to keep elective (planned) services running for as long as possible, but have had to take the difficult decision to stand down all but the most urgent elective care. All patients who are affected by this will be contacted directly by the relevant NHS trust.