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NHS National Guidance support for everyone

To NHS has produced a range of information to support people, including the general public, people with Covid-19 symptoms and vulnerable groups:

General advice

NHS COVID-19 services

For people with COVID-19 symptoms, there is a suite of interrelated digital services to support them:

  1. The 111 Coronavirus service is specifically for people to check if they have coronavirus symptoms
  2. Once patients have completed the 111 journey they are invited to sign up for text messages to support them with a seven day series of text for patients living alone and a 14 day series of texts for people living in households. This asks them to respond with their symptom status at day six and day 14. 
  3. People with symptoms are also invited to complete an online Status Checker
  4. People who are told to self-isolate by 111 can use the Isolation Note service if they need evidence for themselves or their family for employers

Extremely vulnerable to COVID-19

  1. The NHS website has published medical specific advice for these patients ( and the Government has set up a service to register them ( which will allow them to receive priority support.

Vulnerable people

The Government has identified a wider range of people that it has identified as “Non Shielded Vulnerable” (NSV) that includes groups with medical, financial and social care needs, which in many cases overlap.