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National Guidance NHS Apps Library and digital tools

The NHS Innovation team at NHSX has set up a triage process to work with innovators and identify apps, products and services that should be useful in the current crisis and fast track them through the already established digital assessment questions (DAQ) and NHS Apps Library assurance process. This innovation process now encompasses tools for clinicians and workforce management as well as citizens and more information will be available in a blog to be published shortly. 

Everything that passes the assurance process will be published in the NHS Apps Library with a COVID-19 tag to enable them to be found easily and a URL pointing directly to these tools to be published.

NHSX: Next stages of the coronavirus response and digital initiatives

New tools and services in development include:

  • Healthcare monitoring at home
  • Enhancements to Every Mind Matters and support for a wellbeing portal to encourage people to stay at home
  • A means for citizens to update their preferred mobile telephone number and email address on PDS (additional fields to existing)
  • Testing for key workers and citizens
  • Options to present services in different languages or link to translation support
  • A COVID-19 contact tracing app, which was announced by the Secretary of State on Sunday.

Planning for the next stage of the response

NHSX is using the time available to plan for the next phase, with direction to working on fewer small initiatives and instead focus on systematic solutions to support the response to COVID-19.

In support of this it is identifying the advice and guidance that is could be required, covering various scenarios, examples include:

  • Advice on managing severe COVID-19 symptoms at home in case of a need for people to be at home longer before accessing clinical support
  • For when isolating/distance guidance is relaxed, advice for people who have contact with people who are found to have COVID-19 symptoms

NHSX feedback/suggestions