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NCL using health analytics to support Covid-19 response

Across NCL we have accelerated and adapted the use of HealtheIntent, our population health management system, to support our response to the pandemic. HealtheIntent links health and care information from different sources, and enables health and care professionals directly involved in a resident’s care to view joined up information collected by different health and care organisations.

In response to Covid-19 we have been using HealtheIntent’s ability to join up data which can be easily accessed by health and care professionals to provide systematic lists of patients and clients who may require support and care within different parts of the system. In particular, to support the Covid-19 response four dashboards were created to identify:

  • People who are in shielded groups
  • Patients recovering from Covid-19 who were being transferred from secondary care back to primary and community care
  • People who have tested Covid-19 positive, or who have a member of their household who tested positive
  • People who have died due to Covid-19 and whose next of kin may need support

The four dashboards, which pull up-to-date information from across NCL, enable GP practices and professionals working in community services, mental health services, and adult social care to quickly identify patients and clients in greatest need of support and target resources to them. It also allows health and care professionals to assess risk when visiting or seeing patients or clients face to face and to use the right infection control procedures.

Reaction to these HealtheIntent dashboards has been positive. Between the 1 April and 11 May some 338 NCL staff used the system, with over 5,685 views. The most popular dashboard viewed was the one showing shielded patients, followed by patients transferring from secondary care to primary and community care.

A Haringey GP described the Covid dashboards as: “very helpful.  The hospital discharge information has been particularly useful as this is quicker than most discharge summaries."

An additional HealtheIntent dashboard is now being created to help GPs identify patients with poorly controlled long term health conditions, such as kidney disease or asthma, which may put them at greater risk of developing severe complications of Covid-19. This will allow GP practices to ensure extra support is offered to these patients and reduce the possibility of unnecessary hospital admissions.

HealtheIntent will be rolled out to GP practices across NCL from June which will provide practices with additional information to support population health management and drive proactive improvements in health and wellbeing. This will also include dashboards in HealtheAnalytics, on areas such as Quality Improvement, Case Finding and Population Health Needs, which will support planning for reductions in health inequalities for GP practices and primary care networks. Over the summer we will be joining up data from NHS trusts and potentially social care.