North London Partners in health and care

NCL Update Covid-19 7 May 2020

This week has seen NCL’s health and care system begin to move into the second phase in our response to the pandemic. With lots of work ongoing to plan for the future this is also a good time to reflect on our response to date and what we have learnt.

The staff, carers and volunteers of organisations within North London Partners in Health and Care have responded to these unprecedented times with a coordinated approach and we are very grateful for the massive personal and professional contributions that people across NCL have made.

The safety of our residents, patients, staff, carers and volunteers is always, and needs to remain, at the forefront of everything we do. This will shape the next phase of work and as we plan for the longer term future of health and care services in NCL.

It is inevitable that the way we deliver health and care services in North Central London will change as a result of how we have had to respond to the pandemic. How we provide services in future will take account of the new health and care national and international standards and guidance and will build on the learning and successful ways of working we have developed in recent weeks.

A huge and heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in the North Central London Covid-19 response for your tireless commitment and work.

Frances O’Callaghan, Accountable Officer, NLC CCG                      Rob Hurd, NCL System Lead