North London Partners in health and care

NCL System Update message 19 October

A feature of North Central London’s partnership working and its response to the first wave of Covid-19 is the way we are successfully working together as a health and social care system to deliver the best care possible to those who need it. 

Recently the Governing Body of NCL Clinical Commissioning Group agreed to create two new specialist centres for planned orthopaedic operations for local patients. The plan, which has been in development for several years, aims to minimise last-minute cancellations and improve the quality of care patients receive. It will also help to tackle waiting lists; something made worse by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Learning from the orthopaedic review will be used across NCL as we continue to work together to keep planned procedures and outpatients’ services running alongside the additional demand arising from future increase in demand due to Covid-19. 

Other timely examples of how we are coming together as a system is through our work with partners and voluntary sector organisations to raise awareness of the importance of protection that the flu vaccine can provide.

You can read about the extensive communications and engagement programme which includes virtual events organised by the voluntary community sector partners, information included with housing statements and food bank parcels, partner newsletters, letters from council leaders as well as myth busting tools and Q&As to address vaccine hesitancy, to name a few.

Huge thanks to our partners and voluntary sector organisation for all their support.  

Frances O’Callaghan, Accountable Officer NCL CCG, Joint ICS SRO                  

Rob Hurd, NCL ICS Lead, Joint ICS SRO