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NCL Patient Transport during Covid-19

During the Covid-19 pandemic, standard patient transport arrangements have been superseded by new national guidance. The aim of the NHS in North Central London is to ensure safe and fast discharge from hospital, and provide patient transport to and from ongoing care appointments.

We have adopted the nationally agreed priority groups of patients for commissioned patient transport services. The changes are so we can prioritise transport for the residents and patients that need it most.

  • Priority for patient transport will be given to:
  • Patients with life-sustaining care needs who need to attend appointments for ongoing care and cannot safely use alternative transport
  • Patients defined on medical grounds as extremely vulnerable to COVID-19 and who are in need of appointments for ongoing care and cannot safely use alternative transport
  • Patients suspected of having COVID-19 who need appointments for ongoing care and have no access to private travel
  • Patients who have been discharged from hospital and need to be transported from one care setting to another, or home, if there is no alternative means of transport

For people who are not in a priority group, we are asking family, friends and local volunteer networks to help take them to and from hospital and other care settings. We will only do this when it is safe and possible to do so.

Hospital discharge

  • Case managers in hospitals will organise suitable transport for patients within two hours of decision.
  • Friends and family will be asked first (based on risk assessment), otherwise suitable patient transport services will be used. This is monitored across North Central London.


Volunteers may be suitable for some transportation tasks. For these tasks please use the GoodSAM app or for more information call 0808 196 338.

Borough contacts for Patient Transport Support





Stephanie King

Rachel Smyth


Marco Inzani

Access a copy of the NCL Patient Transport resource pack

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