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NCL Covid-19 response System update 26 August

At the end of July, NHS England and Improvement signalled that we are moving into Phase 3 of our response to Covid-19. This involves a ensuring that we are able to meet the needs of non-Covid patients, with Covid-19 still expected to be in circulation for some time to come. Health and care organisations in NCL are working together to ensure that we are taking appropriate infection prevention and control measures, planning and managing the risk of local outbreaks and prioritising the health and care needs of all our communities.

In NHS England’s Phase 3 letter the expectations set out that we have a shared focus on recovery of health and care services using our full capacity and preparing our services to be resilient and flexible as we approach winter, and may experience future peaks in demand due to Covid-19. Finally, there is an expectation that we learn from our collective response to the pandemic. We feel confident that in NCL we are well placed to build on the lessons learnt, including much closer collaboration across organisations, and tackle the ongoing challenges particularly around reducing health inequalities.

Over the past few months, NCL has rapidly ramped up activity through its hospitals, through the dedication of our staff across the system. In this update you can read more about how we are using coordinating providers and clinical and operational networks. Working together in this way will enable more patients to be seen and treated more quickly.

We are continuing with the close collaboration and mutual support of partners across health and care organisations to develop NCL’s Integrated Care System and strengthen our leadership team. We are pleased to welcome Chris Caldwell as new system lead nurse to the NCL team.

Frances O’Callaghan, Accountable Officer, NCL CCG               

Rob Hurd, NCL System Lead