North London Partners in health and care

Covid-19 North Central London (NCL) System Update

Frances O’Callaghan, Accountable Officer, NLC CCGs

Wednesday 8 April 2020

This regular bulletin provides an update of the North Central London (NCL) health and care system response to Covid-19. System leaders are working collectively to ensure our system remains resilient and working in the best ways possible to protect and care for staff and residents across our five boroughs during this challenging time.

We have established a North Central London Clinical Advisory Group to assure the decisions taken around clinical pathways have full clinical review and that any risks are identified.  Any changes are  are being made to ensure we are ensuring  staff resource, beds, equipment, transport etc.  are used most effectively. We are incredibly grateful to the staff  who have been redeployed across the system where most needed, to care for our patients and residents. We are working hard together to roll out staff testing and ensure that our staff have access to personal protective equipment in line with national guidance and best practice

Partners are also accelerating the join-up of health and care information so that four London STPs are now able to access shared patient information, including Covid-19 test results. I also wanted to highlight the fantastic wellbeing resources for NCL staff that Tavistock and Portman have produced, including podcasts and other online tools

A huge and heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in the North Central London Covid-19 response for your  commitment and compassion in undertaking this vital work.

Frances O’Callaghan, Accountable Officer, NLC CCGs