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Electronic Safety Netting Toolkit for EMIS Web

In response to COVID-19, the NHS has rapidly changed the way in which we consult with patients with most first appointments being via telephone or video. There are significant pressures on all aspects of the health service and as a result, there has been rapid and ongoing reconfiguration of standard suspected cancer services and referral criteria into the various cancer pathways.

GPs are having to consider and balance the benefits over the risks of sending their patients on for further investigations or treatment. With the ever changing landscape of the NHS in response to COVID-19, it is more imperative than ever that to have robust safety netting of patients whether or not they are referred to secondary care.

The Electronic Safety Netting Toolkit for EMIS Web gives practices a template/form that schedules diary reminders in their system and reminds and alerts practice staff to follow up at a later date. The toolkit is nationally available and can be used by GPs faced with various clinical situations ‘both cancer related and non-cancer related’.

To support implementation of this toolkit, North Central London Cancer Alliance are hosting a webinar: