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Community-based bed capacity increased across NCL and Model of Care in development

Community-based bed capacity has been increased across North Central London to help us effectively manage the increased demand for acute services resulting from Covid-19 and the subsequent number of hospital discharges. 

Our planning for community-based beds is informed by complex demand and capacity modelling. The recent additional capacity means that we currently have a sufficient number of community beds available. We will continue to closely monitor this and adapt as required in response to activity trends.

Through a new standardised NCL discharge management process, all patients who are discharged from an acute trust in NCL now have access to community beds across the region, irrespective of their registered or resident borough. 

Commissioners and providers across NCL are working in partnership to develop an NCL Model of Care for community-based beds. The model will incorporate a much broader offer for patients than existed before the Covid-19 pandemic.

The NCL model will support:

  • Consistent provision across NCL boroughs
  • Flexible use of sites to meet a broad range of patient needs
  • Shared access to community beds, in line with our discharge management process
  • Sharing of staff or resources between organisations to mobilise and run community bedded units, if required.

At least five different types of need will be supported:

  • Rehabilitation
  • Short stay/step down
  • Respiratory and oxygen
  • End of life/palliative
  • Other needs including complex discharges

NCL CCG, local Councils and NHS Trusts are working together to develop the tools, protocols, procedures and information required to support effective delivery of discharge and community based health and care.

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