North London Partners in health and care

After Action Review on care providers and Covid-19 response

Partners working in health and social care across North Central London are undertaking an After Action Review on work with care providers during the Covid-19 response to-date. The review will look at lessons learnt from the initial Covid-19 response and how best to use this learning to plan for the future. The focus is on how the whole NCL health and care system can take a population health needs approach to support residents in care settings. 

The review is considering three scenarios:

  • an anticipated prolonged period of operating with the pandemic
  • the system response in the event of a second surge
  • identifying new ways of working that are delivering better outcomes

Nationally circa 40% of Covid-19 deaths have been of care home residents, a significant proportion of the rest will be people accessing other forms of care, such as home care, extra care and supported housing. Therefore, ensuring we provide effective health and social care to this population is essential if NCL is to deliver a population health needs driven approach. The CSU have hosted 6 workshops with care providers and CCG and Council stakeholders to shape this work.

The After Action Review is taking place in parallel to wider work to agree priorities for joint work as an integrated care system and integrated care partnerships within boroughs. The review is intended to inform and refine priorities, and will include:

  • Public Health led analysis of local and national data around the impact of Covid-19 on residents receiving care services (draft now available)
  • Public Health led literature review and evidence of good practice locally and nationally (draft now available)
  • Feedback from social care providers, Councils and NHS partners via existing forums and small workshops to generate insight (draft now available)
  • Develop recommendations based on feedback with system partners (ongoing in July and August)
  • A workshop of key system partners to agree recommendations and next steps (late Aug)

The recommendations will be taken forwards through borough partnerships and the newly established NCL Joint Care Provider Programme.

For more information and to feedback on the draft report and recommendations please contact