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Engagement phase reports

Sharing the results of our engagement work in 2018

In our engagement period we invited written feedback via our online questionnaire, email and in writing.  We also worked with NHS colleagues at CCGs, local hospitals, other healthcare providers and voluntary sector partners to promote the opportunity to feed back.  We attended community events in all five boroughs and co-hosted a number of open public meetings.

Following this engagement phase, the review group reported back to a number of public committees.  The papers for each of these committees are provided below.

Joint Overview and Scrutiny Committee:  30 November 2018

The Review team presented to the Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee giving the headlines from the engagement process.  In summary:

  • Many people in all three engagement categories (residents, stakeholders, staff) welcomed the proposal to create specialist orthopaedic elective centres
  • The exercise was large-scale and participants engaged positively – we received a wide range of views and comments which will help to shape future plans and focus engagement
  • It is early in the process, and the engagement response supports the programme continuing to explore the potential for specialist centres
    • Where participants had concerns, these were often questions or related to issues / caveats to be addressed later in the review
  • Feedback included comments on:
    • The review process (e.g. rationale for review, draft case for change)
    • Communications and engagement with the review (both at this stage and later)
    • Views relevant to the model of care – design principles

Click here to download the paper that went to this committee


Joint Commissioning Committee: 6 December 2018

The Review Team presented to the Joint Commissioning Committee on the output from the clinical design workshops and shared the summary of the evaluation of the engagement on the draft case for change.  

You can download the papers from this meeting below:

The engagement exercise was supported by a desktop equalities review.


Joint Commissioning Committee: 3 January 2019

The Review Team presented to the Joint Commissioning Committee on 3 January 2019.  You can download the papers from this meeting below: