North London Partners in health and care

NCL Clinical Advisory Group

North Central London (NCL) health and care partners are working as a system in order to sustain our response to the challenges created by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Health and care providers are working hard to plan and deliver rapid adjustments to their operational models and ways of working to create surge capacity and to ensure that services remain safe during this unprecedented period. 

In NCL we have established a Clinical Advisory Group that will provide clinical oversight and assurance to ensure that the service adjustments being put in place meet the needs of the system, are safe and don’t have any unintended consequences.  The CAG will be chaired by Dr Jo Sauvage, NCL CCG Chair, and Dr Chris Streather, Group Medical Director, Royal Free London.

The NCL Clinical Advisory Group (CAG) will have a direct remit to assess changes that affect the NCL footprint, which covers Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Islington and Haringey.

Where changes have a London-wide impact, the NCL CAG will provide rapid scrutiny and review to ensure that proposals have the full support of the NCL system and have had a local clinical review before they are put forward for consideration at the equivalent body for London (London Clinical Advisory Group). 

All proposed local clinical adjustments to services are now discussed at the NCL CAG; the meetings, will provide an in-depth focus on changes which have an NCL-wide impact, with a lighter-touch review of recommendations for borough or single provider based changes.  The NCL CAG will also help smooth the process for communicating agreed service changes to our stakeholders and residents.

There is a generic inbox for all applications to be submitted to the NCL CAG: