North London Partners in health and care

Health Information Exchange

Health Information Exchange (HIE) will provide invaluable immediate access to important health and care information in real-time, at the point of care, for the whole care team. Information will be predominantly real time, but in some cases, will be updated once every 24 hours. Access to this summary view will save time and support everyone delivering health and care services.

HIE will support this in a number of ways:

  • It will provide a snapshot view of a resident’s health and care history, current and past medications and previous events and episodes of care will be summarised
  • Information such as discharge summaries, clinic letters and case notes will be available, so you will have a broader understanding of a resident’s story
  • Current medications, medical history, allergies and information about referrals and appointments will be readily available
  • Tests and investigations requested by other organisations (with results stored in systems other than your own) will be immediately available to you, so there will be no need to manually request the results of healthcare tests
  • Residents will no longer need to retell their story, or recall medication dosages or the outcome of previous care