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Opting out of the joined-up health and care record

Changes to opt outs during the Covid-19 pandemic

The Covid-19 (also known as coronavirus) pandemic poses an unprecedented challenge to the NHS and healthcare systems around the world. In North Central London, we are taking action to make sure the NHS is able to provide care to patients who are admitted to hospital because of coronavirus, and also to ensure patients with other urgent health problems get the treatment they need.

From the 20th March, all health and care organisations are legally required to share and process data. This will ensure health and care professionals have access to vital information to make quicker, safer decisions about your care.  This change means that even if you previously opted out of sharing your health and care record, it will now be visible to London organisations providing you with care, regardless of whether this care is Covid-19 related. The change will continue in line with the government’s Covid-19 Notice mandating the sharing of health and care patient data, currently until 30 September, pending the government’s decision to extend as and when necessary.


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