North London Partners in health and care

Dementia care in home treatment teams

One of the examples of best practice in dementia care across North Central London is the Camden and Islington’s Home Treatment Team.

The NHS England Long Term Plan published in January 2019 sets out clear recommendations and new investment to fund integrated care for an ageing population and expanded community multidisciplinary teams (MDTs). The Camden and Islington Home Treatment Team exemplifies system wide partnership working, it is an emergency older persons mental health crisis response and short term treatment team. Offering bio-psychosocial assessment and care for older people in crisis with dementia and / or functional mental health conditions and support for carers. The Consultant Psychiatrist and specialist older people’s mental health nurses work closely with the patients GP, older person’s frailty teams and mental health hospitals where necessary to prevent hospital admissions and reduce delays in both acute and psychiatric hospital discharges.

This specialist older person’s mental health home treatment team treats a range of mental health conditions to support the person and their carers to ensure the person is able to stay in their own home. The highest prevalence of mental health conditions referred to the service were; dementia (32%), depression (21%) and schizophrenia (13%). Since 2015 Camden and Islington Home Treatment Team has achieved;

  • 55% reduction in the average number of treatment days (from 20 days in 2015 to 9 days in 2018) 
  • 57% of patients did not need to be re-referred to the team
  • 63% of older adults who received crisis mental health support were discharged to their normal place of residence
  • 13% of all referrals were to support reducing delays in hospital discharges 
  • 64% of referrals received treatment (≥2 appointments) as well as an assessment

An evaluation of the service is currently being undertaken and will be published here.