North London Partners in health and care

Covid-19 North Central London (NCL) System Update 14 May

Over the past week we have been busy preparing preliminary plans for the next phase of our response to the pandemic, and we have now submitted our high level plans to NHS England for review. These plans set out the short, medium and longer terms ambitions for NCL’s health and care system recovery, in response to the national expectations set out in Sir Simon Steven’s letter in April. There is still plenty of discussions to be had with all our stakeholders about how we refine our ambitions, how we ensure we are making decisions that will meet the needs of NCL residents and communities, how we align with national and regional expectations and how we implement our recovery plans. We will continue to keep our partners and stakeholders informed and involved in these discussions over the coming weeks.


Partners representing councils, public health, commissioners and providers are working very closely to deliver integrated support to help care home staff and residents. Our response has included the provision of support at borough and NCL-wide level, and we are in daily contact with care providers to ensure that resources are targeted where there is most need. You can read more about how we are assisting care homes at this challenging time below.


Digital solutions have helped with our pandemic response in many ways and nurses and doctors at North Middlesex Hospital have found an innovative use for the NHS video calling service. Attend Anywhere is being used to let parents keep in touch with their babies in the neonatal unit and talk to clinicians virtually about how their baby is doing. 


On Tuesday this week we celebrated International Nurses’ Day and we would like to express our appreciation for all that nurses across NCL do to support the health and wellbeing of NCL residents. In particular, we would like to thank all nursing professionals for the huge contribution made to our Covid-19 response over the past few months.


Frances O’Callaghan, Accountable Officer, NCL CCG                  Rob Hurd, NCL System Lead