North London Partners in health and care

Our plan

Our sustainability and transformation partnership for North Central London

Every day we hear or read in the media about the pressure on the health and social care systems in London and across the country. We know that to meet the demands of our population now and into the future, we need to do things differently. We have already invested time and resources into finding and testing some new ways of working. Our community has told us they want a more joined up and integrated health and care system and they want care closer to where they live and work. Some of our boroughs, such as Islington and Haringey, already have a strong history of working together and we know there some similarities in the health and care profile across the North Central London population. We want to use this knowledge to deliver better health and care services to our community and to ensure we have a system that is efficient, effective and sustainable. 

To build a better health and care system we must also look at the social determinants of health and wellbeing. There exist high levels of poverty, and for many people employment is at times insecure or ad hoc. While in general, life expectancy is increasing, for many people, the last 20 years of life is lived in poor or declining health. As a result, these people often require far more support from our health and care services. 

Working together as North London Partners in Health and Care presents an opportunity for our health and care services to focus on the people we commission and provide services for.  We want to share collective responsibility for meeting the physical and mental health and care needs of our population. 

Our greatest aim is to work together to help people to be, stay or regain good health and wellbeing. To do this we must take a preventative approach, build strong community services to improve health and care outcomes for people.  Working together in this way will allow us to look across all partner organisations at how services are provided and identify opportunities to most importantly improve outcomes but also, build a satisfied, resilient and skilled workforce, add value, eliminate duplication and waste and reduce costs.

Our plan for transforming the health and care services in North London is available as a detailed document or a summary which can be found in the download section to the right of this page. 

Coming together and articulating a clear and credible plan, we will achieve the transformation needed to improve care and quality and make local services better.

Dr Josephine Sauvage - Chair Islington CCG