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Opthalmology Eye Electronic Referral System

North Central London CCG  has recently introduced a new Eye Electronic Referral System (EeRS) designed to help improve referral pathways between primary care optometry and hospital eye services and promote an improved experience for patients being referred for ophthalmology care. 

This is part of similar pilots taking place in every NHS region in the UK, supported by both NHSx and NHS Digital. In April we appointed the supplier Evolutio to provide the software for the EeRS and we are currently beginning to work with NCL’s optometrists to start to implement the system.

Through this new system, opportunities will exist to transform how local services will be delivered in the future, through the development of local pathways between Primary, Community, and Secondary Care.

Why North Central London 

North Central London (NCL) is acting as an early adopter of EeRS during a 9-month pilot phase. If the pilot is successful then the approach is intended to be adopted across the whole of London.

What are the proposed benefits?

For Primary, Community and Secondary Care this is an exciting opportunity to:

  • enable digital multi-directional messaging that delivers structured, free text and image data to support patient pathways.
  • better facilitate triaging between Primary and Secondary care with integrated advice and guidance, and a single system for return and onward referrals.
  • provide a streamlined referral process with the need to refer patients to their GP for onward referral to secondary care no longer essential.
  • demonstrate an ability to support shared clinical care between Primary/Community Optometry and Secondary Care.

For patients EeRS can:

  • deliver faster and more accurate decision-making in deciding what the best course of action for the issues you face.
  • lessen the likelihood of having to repeat tests or make unnecessary hospital visits.
  • better communication throughout the referral process.

How do I Join?


If you are an optometrist working in a practice within NCL you should have received communications from Evolutio, the appointed software provider, as well as from the NCL.

You can find out more information about signing up to the system and other topics here:


There is no action you need to take, if your regular optometry practice is within NCL then they may already be using the EeRS system. If they are not, then you should not worry as any necessary referrals can still be made using existing channels and this will not impact the care you will receive.


  • The pilot is being funded by NHSx.

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