North London Partners in health and care

Workshop puts diagnostics under the spotlight

More than 80 pathology and radiology experts from across North Central London (NCL) attended the first system-wide Diagnostic Workshop convened by North London Partners (NLP).

The aim of the workshop was to share an overview of current diagnostic provision, and explore ideas for improvements to the delivery of high quality, effective and efficient diagnostics services across the developing integrated care system. This forms part of a broader NLP diagnostics work, which also includes the Right Test Right Time work on pathology.

Opening the workshop John Quinn, Executive Operational Lead for the programme, and Moorfields COO stressed the need for us to move away from silo working to collaboration. As a system, diagnostic services cost us over £200m a year and are crucial to delivering excellent care to our residents.

Director of Programme Delivery, Tendai Wileman highlighted the raising demand for diagnostics and stressed the need for strong clinical and operation leadership and co-operation in the future programme of work. Diagnostics touches almost all other areas of healthcare delivery, so interdependencies with other transformation programmes, such as outpatient reconfiguration, must be identified and opportunities for collaboration maximised.

Workshop delegates working in groups prioritised work on the following list of areas:

  1. Reducing duplication
  2. Agreeing standards and standardisation
  3. Improving best practice demand management
  4. Exploring new technologies
  5. Increasing workforce development 
  6. Establishing networks
  7. Reducing the use of outsourcing
  8. Introducing new ways of delivering Pathology

By exploring these areas in greater detail a system-wide programme of work is being established and volunteers are being sought from the attendees and across NCL to progress transformation.

The workshop, held in November, was organised by STP Diagnostics Programme Lead Sophie Donnellan. To find out more about this work and keep informed of developments email Sophie.donnellan@nhs.nett