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Transformation boards to plan next steps in Patient Initiative follow up

Representatives from provider trusts and Clinical Commissioning Groups across north central London (NCL) attended the second in a series of outpatient transformation workshops in September.

Attendees heard how Patient Initiated Follow Up (PIFU) could help providers reduce the number of outpatient appointments and support the NHS Long Term Plan ambition to reduce face-to-face outpatient appointments by 30% in five years. 

The model seeks to give patients the choice to be able to decide whether they want to come back and see a health care professional, if the clinician thinks it appropriate, rather than automatically giving them a follow up appointment.

The workshop was delivered by Georgina Clayton and Rebecca Keating of Somerset CCG which has piloted PIFU in trusts within Somerset. An evaluation of this pilot, during a reporting period in 2016/17, revealed there were 5,009 saved appointments from this initiative.

A detailed slide pack outlining the critical success factors in the Somerset CCG pilot is available to help providers have discussions with their outpatient transformation boards on how to implement a PIFU model and which patient cohorts to target.

To get a copy of the PIFU Good Practice Slide Pack or to be kept up-to-date on when the next outpatient transformation workshop is taking place, please email North London Partners