North London Partners in health and care

Shaping the next steps - Integrated care system development

We are at an exciting point in the development of integrated care for the local population of North Central London (NCL).  Building on the many examples of integrated services across all parts of the patch, and the five borough-based simulation events held in January and February, we are now working with all our partners to shape the next steps.  We have shared an outline proposal with all the organisations which were represented at the local events, and asked for views on the proposal and what we need to do to turn these ideas into tangible plans that make a positive difference for the residents of Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Haringey and Islington.   We have received lots of helpful and considered feedback which will help determine the programme of work for the future, and how we take it forward.

The programme will include looking at a wide range of different areas, with the borough as the predominant level, supported by some NCL-wide enablers.  The detail of what should be done at what level, from locality to borough to more than one borough, through to NCL-wide and even in some instances London-wide, will be a key aspect to tackle.  Resident engagement will be fundamental at all levels of our work, alongside a focus on common outcomes for our population, and on the wider determinants of health. 

There will be further updates in future editions of this newsletter.

If you would like to know more about our work on integrated care system development across NCL, please contact Will Huxter, Director of Strategy for the CCGs, at