North London Partners in health and care

Practice Team Quality Improvement Programme

Practice managers across North Central London are invited to attend a series of free workshops designed to assist with the delivery of the General Practice Five Year Forward View objectives. The sessions will focus on the GP Forward View 10 High Impact Actions (HIAs) and will include guest trainers who have supported practices to put them into practice.

Facilitators will help delegates to share their challenges and successes and encourage them to consider the most effective ways of working.

All sessions are free to attend. The events run from 1pm to 4.30pm with registration and lunch starting at 12.30pm

The workshops include:

Care navigation and signposting - Thursday 13 June 2019

This workshop covers the active signposting and social prescribing elements of the 10 HIAs. It will include a mapping exercise to identify what services are currently available within the localities and examples of models being implemented across the country.

Collaborative working - Wednesday 24 July 2019

This workshop focuses on creating partnerships and collaborations with other practices and providers in the local health and social care system. Time will be spent looking within the localities at what each practice manager does on a daily basis and how they are all doing the same things day in day out.

Team work divides the task and multiplies the success - Wednesday 25 September 2019

This workshop looks at supporting the practice to make the most of its team. It works to broaden their workforce in order to reduce demand for GP time and increase the range of professional skills available to patients.

Finding practical solutions - Thursday 3 October 2019           

Professionals at every level need to find solutions to problems – practical solutions that can be justified and implemented. This workshop, led by Professor Mike Ferguson, will introduce new ways of working which enable staff to work smarter, not harder.

Correspondence management - Wednesday 6 November 2019

This session show delegates how correspondence management can help their practices to manage their workload more effectively and reduce the volume of inappropriate clinical correspondence being completed by GPs.