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Leadership training boosts care home nurses’ confidence

Frontline care home nurses working in homes across Barnet, Camden, Islington, Haringey and Enfield are more confident in their ability to influence the quality of care in their places of work after completing a Passport into Leadership course organised by North London Partners and CapitalNurse.

The course was designed to boost participants’ confidence and leadership skills which are necessary to deliver high quality care in care homes. 

In the past, care home nursing has been seen as sub optimal career choice, but in fact it requires a wide range of skills to enable staff to deliver care that is comprehensive, evidence-based, person-centred and focused on enhancing elderly residents’ quality of life. Delivering this type of care requires a confident leader.

The 33 senior nurses who took part in the fully-funded six day course reported greater confidence in their leadership abilities after the course. Twenty-two nurses said they were confident using quality improvement tools, such as PDSA (Plan, Do, Study, Act), after the course compared to just three before the course.

The nurses’ confidence in their leadership skills to make a difference in the health and social care system also improved.   Twenty-one rated their confidence level as at either ‘very confident’ or ‘confident’ after the course compared to before when only six regarded themselves as ‘confident’ and not one rated themselves as ‘very confident’. 

Care home managers also reported seeing positive changes, one said: ‘I’ve seen changes, for example, the red bag design group, a course participant has since volunteered for this, to drive and improve services. Everyone in the MDT is involved, what should be in it, how to make it work, why did it fail before? …’

Taking part in the course has encouraged some to make changes to the way they work to ensure residents are heard. One said: “I’m going to make a little ‘carry card’ reminder for other team members. Reiterating messages, how to communicate effectively, how to ask questions and reflect in order for person to understand and you to clarify.”

Claire Johnson, CapitalNurse Project Director, North London Partnership, said:

 “Our unique programme bringing together nurses working in care homes in all five boroughs has proved a fantastic success.

“We have been on an amazing journey together, and our evaluation shows how the participating nurses have grown hugely in confidence and pride in the tremendous skills they possess - and deserve more recognition for. Our evaluation report is a great tribute to lots of people who have supported this CapitalNurse scheme, particularly our social care leaders. Do find a few minutes to have a look through it”. 

For more information including a list of the care homes represented by the course participants download the evaluation report Passport into Leadership.

For information on other training courses available to care home staff email CapitalNurse