North London Partners in health and care

Digital programme launches public information campaign in Barnet

Funding secured to support the next phase of the programme

In March and April 2019, North London Partners’ Digital programme achieved two major milestones to support the joining up of health and care records across north central London (NCL) and the introduction of tools which will facilitate more proactive population health work.

In Barnet, Penshurst Gardens Surgery was the first GP practice to start the process required to go-live with Health Information Exchange (HIE). The practice’s 30 day public information campaign, which is a requirement before HIE can go live in areas where there is no previous history of data sharing, successfully launched.  This paves the way for all Barnet practices to be live on HIE in the next few months.

Additionally, NHS England Health Systems Led Investment (HSLI) funds have been secured under a collaborative agreement across NCL partners, the STP will use the funding to underpin the development of interfaces and technology infrastructure to integrate providers' data with the STP’s digital infrastructure.  North London Partners secured circa £10.7m over 3 years from the NHS England investment fund and has worked with provider partners to ensure that funding is distributed in a way which supports patients across all five boroughs in the STP.