North London Partners in health and care

Building on the strong foundations of partnership working

Across north central London (NCL) we have been continuing to work with our partners, from local authorities, the health and social care sector and local community and voluntary organisations to improve the way we deliver health and social care services. As part of this, we are working together to visualise what an integrated care system might look like. This builds on our partnership working that has helped to lay strong foundations for the potential next steps.

For example, the NLP Children’s and Young People’s programme has worked with partners in local authorities, education, health and environment to launch in June a whole-system plan to improve outcomes for children and families living with asthma.

Also in June we saw the launch of the Proud to Care North London jobs portal, developed by Camden Council, to ensure NCL is well placed to meet the health and social care needs of its growing older population. The portal will enable NCL to recruit and develop its own care sector workforce which needs to grow by 10,000 by 2030.

For some time we have been working with public health, community providers and local councils to on preventative measures, focusing on the health issues of obesity, alcohol and smoking. This continues to be a priority for improving the health and wellbeing of our residents.

To support our collective plan for the integration of services, last autumn and through to early spring, we brought together residents and partners for a series of integrated care workshops to explore what integrated care might mean for north central London. We wanted to identify potential challenges and benefits that an integrated system could offer, and we looked at how different groups might work together.

To help take forward the next steps, we set up the north central London-wide Integrated Care System Design Group bringing together clinical and commission leads. This group met for the first time in June, with discussions focusing on where and at what levels different functions might sit in a future system and this will inform discussions also happening at a borough level.

Over the coming months we will continue to talk and engage with partners, stakeholders and residents. This will be captured as part of our response to the NHS Long Term Plan. Our draft response to the Long Term Plan, due in the autumn, will reflect the work that has already been undertaken a local level and build on its foundations to help deliver better resident-focussed health and social care services.

Will Huxter, Director of Strategy, Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Haringey and Islington CCGs, North London Partners in Health and Care

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