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Asthma conference launches whole-system plan to improve outcomes for children

Nearly eighty people from across north central London came together on World Asthma Day, 7 May, to meet fellow professionals from health, social care, education, housing and beyond to discuss how to improve outcomes for children and families that live with asthma.

Speakers from across the partnership spoke on a range of topics including:

  • Integration across health and social care and what this means for children and young people
  • Population health analytics and how this will enable improvements in patient care
  • Locality based group education and the opportunities this enables for patient care
  • The role of the atopy nurse and the benefit of utilising expertise in primary care
  • Asthma friendly schools and the importance of working in partnership with education
  • The use of telephone conferences in conducting 48 hour reviews

North central London’s Children and Young People programme director Sam Rostom said: "I was delighted to introduce the first annual NCL Paediatric Asthma Conference this year, which was held on World Asthma Day to launch our whole-system asthma plan, as well as celebrating the fantastic work across north central London.

"The afternoon was filled with such passion and enthusiasm and there was such a diverse range of professionals - nearly eighty, from across the health and social care system - all coming together to meet each other, learn and hear about the plan and to celebrate local success and innovation which contributes significantly to improving outcomes for our asthmatic children, young people and their families."

"Our whole-system asthma plan has five key strategic outcomes and builds on local borough-based integrated solutions to deliver our objectives, as well as broader approaches across the five boroughs of north central London where it makes sense to do so.

"These are:

  1. Young people and families informed and empowered to manage the condition more effectively into adulthood. Children Young People (CYP) & families are able to take care of themselves and remain well
  2. Enabling healthy environments, which support children and young people with asthma to remain as well as possible
  3. Enable all children to have access to a full education and activities, unhindered by asthma
  4. All children have access to high quality asthma care
  5. Earlier identification of children at risk of life threatening asthma attack or those with poor control."

For further information about how you can support the NCL asthma plan, contact Sam Rostom, CYP Programme Director,