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An update on our planning for one North Central London CCG

Following the publication of the NHS Long Term Plan in 2019, the North Central London Clinical Commissioning Groups (NCL CCGs) started planning how to deliver its ambitions locally together. One of the most important decisions taken by our Governing Bodies to support this was agreeing to form a single NCL CCG from April 2020.

We believe that as one organisation we can better support progress in improving our residents’ health and reducing the inequalities that continue to impact their lives. We will be more efficient, with less duplication of time and spending, meaning we can invest more NHS money in frontline services. Ultimately, we will be better able to work with our partners in NCL to provide the best health and care for our patients and residents.

Future NCL CCG operating model

As one CCG it will be vital our staff can work together on clearly defined business plans across boroughs, and effectively with partner organisations within the NCL Integrated Care System. As such, a crucial part of our planning work is designing the right operating model for the NCL CCG, and ensuring a smooth transition to this.

The future NCL CCG Executive Management Team structure was agreed in late 2019 and appointed individuals transitioned into these roles this month. We have now also designed and appointed to the Director-level structure, who will move into post from April 2020.

Download: Operating Model: Executive Management Team and Director-level structure and portfolios 

We are now designing the functions within the Director portfolios. Some current CCG functions will become NCL-wide functions. This will realise the benefits afforded by a larger planning footprint, commissioning acute services at an NCL-level and working effectively within the NCL Integrated Care System (ICS).

Other functions will be led by Borough Directorates, working closely with primary care, community and mental health providers, Councils, the voluntary and community sector and local residents to build services around individuals and populations. These Directorates will work with local Integrated Care Partnerships (ICPs) on service transformation, integration and improvement in each borough.

To ensure there is no interruption to delivering critical business and to minimise disruption for our partners, current working arrangements will remain in place until April 2020. We will, of course, provide you with the names and contact details of the staff you will be working most closely with from April onwards, with sufficient advanced notice.

North Central London CCG Chair confirmed

Dr Jo Sauvage has been elected as the Chair of the new North Central London Clinical Commissioning Group (NCL CCG).

Jo has been a GP in north London for over 21 years and has been Chair of Islington CCG since 2016. She is also clinical lead for the emerging Integrated Care System in North Central London, provides clinical leadership for London on the Fuel Poverty Partnership and is a London region representative on the board of NHS Clinical Commissioners.

Dr Jo Sauvage said: “I am delighted to have been elected Chair for the NCL CCG and given the opportunity to help us shape a collective way forward, as we strive to deliver the best outcomes for residents across our five boroughs. I am privileged to have the support of my GP colleagues electing me to this post and I look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead for our organisation.”

We congratulate Jo on her appointment. She is also a trusted and respected clinical leader within our local health and social care community and we are confident Jo will provide outstanding clinical leadership for the new NCL CCG.

The Clinical Representatives of the future NCL CCG Governing Body will now elect a Clinical Vice Chair.

Future Governing Body and Governance

We are also in the process of forming our future Governing Body. Our member practices voted to elect the 10 General Practice clinical representatives and we are also recruiting the three Lay Members, a Secondary Care Clinician and Registered Nurse.

We are also developing our future governance model and patient and public engagement approach, with a focus on remaining fully accountable to local populations with transparent decision-making.

We will share more information with you on this once finalised.

Thank you for your support throughout this period of change. We are confident that forming one CCG will support us to collectively achieve our ambitious plans for 2020/21 and beyond.

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