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A simpler way to make Rapid Response Admission Avoidance referrals

A simpler way for staff to refer residents to Rapid Response Admission Avoidance services

Healthcare partners across north central London (NCL) have made it simpler for staff to refer appropriate patients to Rapid Response Admission Avoidance services so that more patients can receive the care they need while staying at home rather than going to hospital.

Clinicians told us that variation in eligibility and referral methods across NCL is confusing and that differences across boroughs mean that not all patients in NCL are eligible to be referred to a Rapid Response service. To address this challenge and make it easier to refer patients, healthcare partners have worked together to develop a set of consistent standards including: cross-border eligibility, referrals pathways, opening hours and clinical scenarios accepted.

It means there are:

  • NCL standardised referral protocols for LAS, GP 111 Out-of-Hours (OoH) and A&E staff
  • Consistent cross-border eligibility criteria for NCL patients
  • Referrers will be able to reach any Rapid Response service in NCL via 111 9*9. 

For more information, download our briefing ‘A simpler way for London Ambulance Service, GPs, and A&E staff to refer patients to Rapid Response Admission Avoidance services in North Central London’.

For feedback email Kate Lawrence, Head of Urgent and Emergency Care for Camden CCG and NCL Lead for Admission Avoidance,