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The information on this page is for patients preparing for a hip or knee replacement.

We encourage you to actively take part in your recovery from beginning to end; this requires you to have a good understanding of key information. This page brings all of that information together in one place.  Please speak to your physiotherapist or a member of your care team about the exercises on this page, before starting them.


We have produced booklets that accompany this film, to allow you to read through the information at your own pace.  We recommend that patients download the relevant booklet and read through the information, as well as watching the film.

There is space in the booklet for you to make notes of questions you have about your surgery and for reminders of some of the things you may need to remember.

Download the KNEE replacement booklet
Download the HIP replacement booklet
NHS Orthopaedic network for online SML

Please speak to your care team before embarking on any pre-operative exercises and carry them out under the guidance of your physiotherapist.