North London Partners in health and care


We are aware that a large number of North Central London residents are having to wait longer to be referred to hospital gynecology services at University College Hospital London, North Middlesex University Hospital, Royal Free Hospital and Whittington Health because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

We want to reassure our patients that you have not been lost in the system, and we are confident that in the coming months our hospitals will have increasing capacity to see more patients.

Covid-19 pandemic pressures are gradually easing but our critical care departments remain very busy, particularly at the Royal Free Hospital, Barnet Hospital and UCLH.

Across North Central London health and care organisations are working together to develop robust plans and processes to recover routine gynaecology services in a consistent and equitable way for all. This will enable us to prioritise patients based on clinical need with the most urgent seen first, wherever possible.

In the meantime, we are asking residents to seek medical help for gynaecology matters if they need it. We are working to ensure that health and care professionals refer patients into gynaecology services as normal so that we have a good understanding of demand and can plan for the needs of local people.

Community gynaecology services

North Central London hospitals are working in conjunction with community gynaecology partners to provide faster and better care for patients.

If you are referred to a community gynaecology service, please be assured that you will be seen by a skilled clinical team and will receive the same standard of consultant-let care that you would receive if you were seen in a different setting, for example a hospital.”  The difference is you will be seen much sooner.

The following teams are providing community gynaecology services across North Central London at present:

  • The Gynaecology Collaborative (Offers a single point of access for gynaecology services across Haringey and Islington. As part of our efforts to reduce hospital waiting times, Camden patients may also be referred to this service)
  • The Barnet Community Gynaecology service (This service is for patients registered with Barnet GP Practices. A team of local Consultant Gynaecologists work with General Practitioners with a special interest in Gynaecology (GPSIs) to provide this service)
  • Enfield Community Gynaecology (A consultant led gynaecologyservice held in the community for patients registered with an Enfield GP)